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Message from Caitlin about project:
That Only You and I Can Know
New Interactive Works by Caitlin Perkins
August 27-October 23, 2008
Hicks Art Center Gallery
Bucks County Community College

This project is about a simple act of giving and receiving between two people. I'm asking a basic question, how will people interact with an installation that needs them to participate?

My job, as the artist, is to set up a gallery--creating a place, and time for this to occur--and your job, as the viewer, is to suspend judgment, let it all "hang out" and definitely play with the art.

What do you get to play with? A good question. I won't reveal all the secrets, but what you will find when you walk in the gallery are a series of interactive booths. I chose technologies and items from a slightly recent history: the telephone booth, the photobooth and a kissing booth in which to test and play with the audience. Yes, there is a bit of nostalgia - but not sentimentality.

I hope to see you soon.
caitlinemmaperkins at gmail.com

Project credits:


That Only You and I Can Know was only made possible with the help of many, many people.

I would like to thank my intern Yetunde Ogunfidodo for all her help in putting together this project; Manuel Navarette for his superior technical support and printing skills; Rebecca Mott for pitching in at the gallery; the Bucks County Community College staff and faculty including: Fran Orlando, Gallery Director for supporting the project; Susan Hagen, Professor for inviting me to do this project; Caren Friedman; Justin Junkins, Jim Shriver, and finally Space 1026ers for all their support and love.

Caitlin Perkins, 2008
if you need to reach me: caitlinemmaperkins at gmail


psst...the party is tomorrow

psst: my opening is tomorrow at Bucks County Community College...

That Only You and I Can Know
New Interactive Works by Caitlin Perkins
Opening Reception Thursday, September 18 5-7 pm


August 27-October 23, 2008
Hicks Art Center Gallery
Bucks County Community College

275 Swamp Road  Newtown, PA 18940 215-968-8000
From I-95: ( I-95 North from Philadelphia/ I-95 South from New Jersey)
Take I-95 to Exit 49 - Newtown - Route 332. Proceed West towards Newtown and follow this road straight to the College entrance, approximately 5 miles on left. When entering the campus bare right, then proceed up the hill, there is construction so parking for the Hicks Art Center art center (which is at the top of the hill) may have shifted. There are campus maps on kiosks, if you get lost (there are only really two roads through the campus)


Dog days of summer

The pace of the city feels so different this weekend. People are walking slower, this late August drifting pace. I almost succumbed to it today. This pigeon flew across this alley street while I was packing up the car to head to the gallery.

Last night went a bit too late - I finally got home at 2 am after prepping screens and testing emulsion on a larger exposure unit at Space 1026. Final count, I cleaned 9 screens, dehazed 5 (using caustic chemicals) coated and burned images into 6. My fingers are dried out today from bathing in water and chemicals yesterday.

Bill McRight and I drove up to Bucks County, he was kind enough to pitch in and help me print today. These wall pieces take at least 2 people to print...Tunde and I printed 6 small screens the other day, and Bill and I printed 4 large ones today. Tunde left to go back to school today, I hope she has a fabulous semester, she is really excited about installation art after working on this project all summer.


A Day of Rest

And tonight, I'm back to Philly. Tunde and I worked in the gallery yesterday with Justin and Jim finishing up the booths...we are near the end and the final touches are going up. Then she and I went into the print studio to finish up another wall image.

I look forward to the time when it is all installed and people start to populate the space. And tonight, on the computer I'm finishing up some design work. In the meantime, here are some video still captures that I pulled tonight. The book press was hard at work holding the telephone books that I made for the booths. Perfect bound using PVA (old school, non-nano technology glue).

I'll put up the rest of the photos on a slideshow.

Cheers. Back to Photoshop for me.


jump rings to curtain rings

From rings

From rings

From rings

From rings

So, this evening I spent time making curtains and curtain rings. My hands are recovering.

My fingers have healed

Just mere days since they were covered in splinters, my fingers are healed and I will be heading to the studio tonight to start a sewing project - curtains made of lovely orange corduroy for the photobooth. I am looking forward to this domestic-like project. I will post some photos later tonight.